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Topmax Cleaning Services protection for your office

Updated: May 5, 2022

With COVID, it feels like cleansing is continually required. Masks, wipes and disinfectants; and all surfaces have the potential to hold the virus. Disinfecting properly and daily is the new norm, and all types of workplaces, should be disinfecting their light switches, door handles, phones, keyboards, desks, kitchens and washrooms, 2-3 times daily, minimum.

Businesses are handling keeping employees and shoppers safe amidst new restrictions. Topmax Cleaning Toronto

Cleaning Services protection for your office

is here to assist you established solutions to stay your clients and staff safe.

Getting set up with right Protection

At Topmax Cleaning Services Inc., we’re currently armed with approved hospital grade disinfectant. This disinfectant kills on contact, making associate degree antimicrobial layer with persistent activity. this enables surfaces to continue fighting harmful germs.

Zep disinfectant kills 99.999% of germs and is bleach and Cl free. it's conjointly non-corrosive and non-flammable, excellent for cover in hospitals, nursing homes, factories and offices; places wherever folks are in shut proximity to every alternative for extended periods of time.

Using a zep disinfectant, our Markham Topmax cleaners with disinfect throughout a room, all exposed surfaces. This means, as an employer, you’re secure total, semi permanent protection for your business. Our disinfectant bonds to all or any surfaces. This includes bench tops, stainless steel, PVC plastics, Aluminium, Wood, Linoleum, carpet, curtains and fabrics, polished concrete, stone and more. 

We’re excited to bring you this effective cleaner. It’s a standout. It offers the right protection, particularly compared to alternative cleaners that may not even work at all. It’s bleach and Cl free, that means you won’t be stricken by that awful ammonia smell once you practise the door of your pristine office. And instead of operating like other chemicals that poison cells, our new disinfectant physically destroys the membrane that holds virus cells together. this suggests its work and human safe.

Further, zep disinfectants are in a position to produce a healthier and safer cleaner environment for you, your employees and colleagues.

Let’s get you protected

At Oshawa Topmax Cleaning Services Inc., we have a tendency to perceive however robust it's to juggle multiple business and health priorities. We’re here to allow you to understand you’re not alone, which we’re here to support you in obtaining systems and solutions in situ to stay you and your business safe and functioning.

As Coronavirus appearance to remain here long term (and we hope it goes away sooner than later), it’s important we take an energetic role in golf shot safeguards in place to confirm our businesses operate as swimmingly as potential while minimising infection risk. Contact us today to organize for a daily or weekly protecting cleaning with our Canada approved disinfectant. Effective, safe and long lasting, we’re ready to offer you peace of mind.


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