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Office Cleaning


  • Desks/Tables/Chairs

  • Computer Frames & Bases/TVs

  • Phones/Copy Printers

  • Shelves/Cabinets

  • Sinks/Counters/Mirrors

  • Toilets/Urinals

  • Appliances

  • Dispensers/Bins

  • Door Handles/Light Switches

  • Stalls/Panels

  • Doors/Window Sills

  • Carpets & Mats/Hard Floors-Steps

  • Garbage Collection​






Your One Stop Cleaning Company 

TOPMAX CLEANING. Will Meet All Your Cleaning Needs! 

In 1995, Topmax Cleaning was established to provide commercial and industrial cleaning services. We've been providing professional, hygienic ways for all types of industries in the Greater Toronto Area area for over 27 years. Everything from office buildings to medical clinics to orthodontics falls to banks. We take care of everything!


Every day, our teams of dedicated, experienced cleaning specialists provides consistent, high-quality service. We only hire the most knowledgeable employees that are committed about keeping your facilities clean and appealing for your customers.


We keep your commercial and industrial buildings clean by executing a thorough cleaning strategy tailored to your needs. For every type of project requiring cleaning skills, Topmax Cleaning Services Inc. provides all of the following and more:


Cleaning your apartment building
We clean all common areas, restrooms, entrances, hallways, living rooms, party rooms, and elevators, among other things.

Cleaning of the condominium
Topmax Cleaning will clean your building from top to bottom, whether you just finished constructions or need it cleaned to assist tempt prospective renters.

Cleaning of the Orthodontics and Dentist offices
We make sure that your clinic is pristine from the toilets, mouthwash and all sinks and counters to the bedrooms.

Cleaning in a Medical Clinic
To reduce the danger of patient infection, it's critical to maintain your facility as clean as possible. When it comes to medical cleaning, we make sure to exceed all expectations and stick to protocol to the letter so you may work in a safe environment.

Cleaning the Office
Employees spend a significant amount of time in the office. Office premises can become a breeding ground for bacteria and disease if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. By hiring cleaning services on a regular basis, you can keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive.

Cleaning Services
Your staff and clients will be able to breathe clean air and work in a sanitary atmosphere as a result of these services.

Cleaning of carpets
When carpets aren't cleaned on a regular basis, dust and other allergens accumulate. They also begin to appear worn and unkempt. Professional carpet cleaning services will keep your facility looking clean and professional.

Cleaning the Garbage Can
Garbage and other debris might accumulate in your trash chute, causing your facility to stink. Hire skilled garbage chute cleaning services so you don't have to worry about scaring customers away because your establishment stinks!

Trash Removal and Disposal
We frequently forget to do the minor tasks, such as putting out the trash, when running a business. You may focus on the vital things while we take care of keeping your facility clean and garbage-free by hiring trash hauling disposal services.

Cleaning the windows
Customers should be able to see both into and out of the windows of your building. Look for professional window cleaning services and make sure your windows are so clean that you can't know they're there!

Cleaning Services for Businesses

Your company is essential to you, and we value it as well. A clean, healthful environment for workers to work in and customers to enjoy is required for a business to function efficiently.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses
You have a lot on your plate while running a commercial operation. While you focus on the important things, trust a professional cleaning company like Topmax Cleaning Services Inc to handle all of the cleaning services required to keep your facility running smoothly.

Waxing the Floor
A dirty, dull floor is one of the first things a customer will notice. Waxing your floor on a regular basis will keep it sparkling clean.

Throughout the year, our skilled and motivated staff provides skilled cleaning services for all of your commercial and industrial needs. Topmax Cleaning Services Inc. has been trusted by many businesses and commercial facility owners to keep their environments clean for over 27 years in a variety of scopes of work.

Call Topmax Cleaning Services Inc. for all of your professional cleaning needs.

If you are interested in a professional cleaning company that offers a variety of services, contact Topmax Cleaning Services Inc. at (647) 333-3760 or visit our contact page for more information.


We are passionate about helping businesses realize their full potential by providing clean and pleasant workspaces as a proud Canadian-owned enterprise operating under Ontario's laws.

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