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Topmax Cleaning & Disinfecting Stresses the Importance of Keeping Businesses Safe This Winter

Updated: May 5, 2022

Our local governments are health ministries are warning us about the possibility for a dangerous one-two months with Influenza season already started along with the continued COVID-19 pandemic, Topmax Cleaning & Disinfecting – one of the most reliable commercial cleaning companies in the Greater Toronto Area – is looking to help business owners of all types by providing cleaning and safety measures to help create a safer environment for tenants, employees, and customers.

“Especially since we have entered the cold and flu season, we know that employees and customers need their business owners and or clients to create a safe workplace,” said Steven, president of Topmax Cleaning Services Inc. “During these times, it is important for office managers and employers to be able to work or visit a safe and clean environment for their employees and customers, and we hope that they will consider utilizing expert cleaners such as Topmax Cleaning & Disinfecting to help protect their employees and customers.”

Since the beginning of this Covid-19 pandemic, workplaces of all kinds have turned to Topmax Cleaning & Disinfecting, their commercial cleaning expert to provide safe cleaning solutions and tips on how to keep their employees, customers and tenants safe. Now with winter around the corner, Topmax Cleaning & Disinfecting would like the safest cleaning solutions and advice to all Scarborough, York and Durham Regions businesses on how to best prepare for the cold and flu season.

25 Years of Excellence

As an industry expert in the commercial cleaning world, Topmax Cleaning Services highly recommends that business owners and employees consider the following tips:

• Increase cleaning & disinfecting of repeatedly touched surfaces and remind employees to wipe down phones, keyboards, door handles, etc. daily. • Consider having your employees work from home if possible. This could minimize the your employees interactions, and will lower the risk of transmission. • Virtual meetings are highly recommended instead of live events/interactions. • Email frequently friendly reminders to employees about social distancing guidelines while in their homes and or office. • Consider an increase of the amount of times your space is cleaned by a professional, commercial cleaner.

Commercial cleaners like Topmax Cleaning & Disinfecting have the discipline and experience available to disinfect businesses and facilities of all kinds. Topmax's 21 check point formula system is extremely similar to disinfect hospitals and medical clinics and dental offices. Topmax Cleaning uses hospital grade disinfectants that kills 99% of all germs and viruses from living on the surface.

“Especially now than ever before it is a must that office managers, head of admin, accountants and business owners have a cleaning and properly disinfected workplace to keep their employees and customers safe from Covid-19, the common cold, and the flu,” stated Paul with Bluebird. “A safe and clean workplace is the right of each and every worker, and a company like Topmax Cleaning Services are capable to protect workplaces of all kinds with their industry leading cleaning and reliable solutions.”

For your free estimate, contact your local Topmax Cleaning & Disinfecting cleaning company today!


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