How often do you clean the inside of your kitchen cabinets and drawers?

When was the last time you cleaned the inside of your cabinets? That was yesterday? Or was it more like every time you moved into your office or house? You probably clean your counters and floors every day or night (or at least very regularly), but what about the places where you actually store your dishes? You know, the things you put your food on all over the place? Or the cups you put your mouth in?

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Here's how often they should be cleaned. Inside your cabinets - Every few months Ideally, you will clean these things once a quarter. (If you have open shelves, you'll most likely have to be compelled to do that additional often. because of the dirt!) Take everything out and clean the shelves well with an general-purpose cleaner or white vinegar diluted in water. If dust and dirt have collected on the sides of the cupboards, attempt applying a toothbrush or microfiber cloth after spaying the areas. Let the cabinets dry fully before placing back your dishes. Tip: Leave the closet doors open for many hours.

If the thought of ​​emptying your entire room appears overwhelming, simply clean whereas releasing up space. Are all your dishes in the dishwasher right now? Great, clean where they normally sit. Just keep a list of what you've cleaned and make sure it at least reaches the main places (where your plates, bowls, and glasses sit).

Maybe you have some kind of shelf paper or lining? Rubber or vinyl siding can also be lifted and replaced or washed.