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Does your Scarborough cleaning company conduct background checks on their employees?

Updated: May 5, 2022

In Eastern Toronto, business owners and office managers often times use Scarborough janitorial services that clean out of business traditional operating hours.  whereas police work cameras give a definite level of security when no one else is around, there are alternative steps a business will want confirm they're not the victim of a dishonest cleaning service employee.

One of the simplest ways in which to try and do this can be to raise a prospective cleaning company if the conduct background checks on their workers before they are hired.  whereas a negative event in an exceedingly person’s past might not be a disqualifying event, it can provide an leader a alert just in case issues do arise.  Unfortunately, recent studies show that nearly a 3rd of all businesses don't conduct criminal background checks before they rent therefore meone, departure themselves receptive hiring someone who is also dishonorable and who can most likely be left alone onsite if they're hired.

There are many sorts of background checks that an office cleaning company can conduct, and as a customer, it’s probably an honest plan to debate what checks a service undertakes with their workers so you'll enter into an agreement with a high level of trust from the start.

The most typical type of due diligence may be a basic background check.  this can tell a business owner or office manager if there are any criminal

Scarborough cleaning company

activities in an exceedingly person’s past, in addition as collateral education and employment history and a reference verification.  Any red flags at this level ought to be cause for concern.

Many employers also conduct targeted criminal background checks as well, going back a minimum of ten years to visualize if there have been any arrests or convictions.  A criminal background check will reveal problems on a state and federal level, and looking on the amount of detail, may also reveal arrests and also the native and county level as well.

Other styles of background checks could embody credit checks, skilled license confirmation, a drug screening and workers’ compensation claims history.  it's best to reveal all of those things up front before creating a judicial decision concerning whether or not or to not permit a improvement service person into your geographic point before or when traditional operating hours.

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James Franklin
James Franklin
Jun 01, 2021

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