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Best Office Cleaning Companies Toronto

There are several hundred commercial cleaning companies in the Toronto area that clean offices in Etobicoke, North York, East York, Scarborough. Local businesses like yours receive commercial cleaning services during the day and most of the evening hours, after business hours.

Jan Pro, Jani King, Service Master, and GDI are some of the larger commercial cleaning franchises, and even though Topmax Cleaning Services is a smaller cleaning company than these office cleaning Toronto companies, we have also been around for long time, and we have been professionally and proudly cleaning the Greater Toronto Area since 1995.

Steven at Topmax cleaning is known for being super responsive and very accommodating to their loyal clients and office cleaners, but also to anyone that requires information, some guidance or some direction that could help them one way or another.

Steven puts in a lot of time and effort to employ mature and responsible officer cleaners for his clients in Toronto and the neighbouring areas. Topmax offers competitive rates while also paying top dollar to their office cleaners, ensuring that they appreciate their work, do not cut corners, and that it is worth their while. Because of this Topmax margins are low, but client retention is high, which is why all parties involved win and work together for an average of 17 years.

Are you ready to hire a responsible and capable commercial cleaning company in Toronto? Call 647-333-3760 and ask for your free deep cleaning.


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