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Are you looking for a reliable office cleaning company in Toronto?

Updated: May 5, 2022

It is very true that having an efficient and productive work environment makes such a positive and safe difference. Yes we agree that communication, teamwork, and morale are all critical elements of successful businesses, great business owners never underestimate the impact of the physical environment in which their people work. The notion that a tidy space is a healthy space is known to most that care – many of us can relate to how much better we feel when our homes are clean and clutter-free. And naturally we all feel the same about of our office environment. Especially because we spend so much time at work, it should come as no surprise that most people want to work in a clean office in Toronto, Ontario. Some of the main reasons you should always consider a professional office cleaning service such as Topmax cleaning, are.


Our Toronto Office cleaners are trained properly to ensure your workspace and shared space such as break area, kitchens, and washrooms are professionally cleaned disinfected and hygienic so that you and your staff do not get sick. Everyone knows that a clean and orderly workplace is essential and so much appreciated by your employees, you protect them and they stay safe and healthy, no one enjoys employees that complain about their dirty office rooms or when they get sick.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Topmax offers competitive rates and additionally we offer to all new clients a free deep cleaning and a free carpet cleaning. No yearly contracts, instead enjoy a month to month basis cleaning agreement, and experience excellent cleaning results with Topamax's Pro-trained office cleaners that guarantee their cleaning every time: TOPMAX CLEANING results "Satisfaction Guaranteed" In the event that you are not satisfied with something, please contact us within the same day and we will resolve the issue within 24 hours.


A properly - cleaned office in Toronto and GTA, is also very appreciated by your customers, and friends and family that may pop in to say hi. Everybody benefits from regular, professional cleaning services when it comes to occupational health and safety. Especially during this negative pandemic times, it’s so important to disinfect your office of with hospital grade disinfectants that can eliminate germs at 99%. Sick days impact your company's overall productivity, etc. A hygienic office is a true Winner for all of us!


I need my garbage bin to be empty with a clean garbage bag, clean carpets and clean hard floors, no water spots on the mirror, no breadcrumbs on the counter, right?. A poorly cleaned messy office space is super extremely frustrating, this is why our Topmax cleaners always inspect their work, and are well trained to double check all doors and alarm as they are exiting your facility. You want clean floors and windows, orderly recycling stations, dust-free surfaces, and fresh ed kitchen sinks and washrooms. Working with a professional cleaning company in Toronto helps your business to establish a good impression for guests and visitors.

Call 647-333-3760 for your free estimate and ask for Steven he will be very happy to help you!

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