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All cleaners need to get paid generously!!!

Updated: May 5, 2022

Topmax's Cleaning Services rates are competitive. We don't need to charge our customers an arm and a leg to be able to pay our cleaners above and beyond average, we just do it!

This way, our cleaners appreciate their job, and work diligently and effectively to make sure the cleaning is done right, the alarm is activated and doors are locked. It is absolutely worth their while so they don't cut corners and they don't jeopardize their cleaning positions.

And because of that we rarely switch cleaners and we keep our customers happy and for many, many years.

commercial cleaning company

Our customer service is prompt, friendly and effective, so we are told over and over again by our lovely clients.

We always buy brand new commercial vacuums, mop buckets and hospital grade disinfectants that should be your first choice cleaning to use against germs, etc!

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that genuinely cares about your workplace and delivers reliable and consistent service, then grab that phone and call Steve and he will organize a convenient free estimate, 647-333-3760 or email us at

Have a peaceful day!


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